My personal belief is that we are complicated human beings that each have our own unique recipe that created the taste that we have and our own personal beliefs.  I believe there are 8 main things that shape us:

  1. God and Spirituality.
  2. Family.
  3. Friends.
  4. Society.
  5. Education and Learning.
  6. Media and Entertainment.
  7. Our Time.
  8. Our Goals.

Out of these 8 things, I believe we tend to value different things on that list at different times as we go throughout life.  It can vary from day to day also.  Someone's age can really affect the value of each item on the list.  Some of us only value God on Sunday and education when we're in a classroom.  We tend to prioritize the things on that list by the amount of joy they bring us.

I think in order to fully understand someone you need to understand all these different things and how they prioritize this list.  Many of the things on the list can coexist with equal priority and other things often have dependencies on others.

I believe someone's political beliefs are heavily influenced by how this list is prioritized.  You would probably find people on the left prioritize things much different than people on the right.

There may be more than 8 in your mind but these are the 8 that I thought of.