I am Brandon Buttars.  This isn't some special niche blog about internet things or how to be a better person.  The purpose of this blog is to share things about me and thoughts I have.  A little about me, I'm a dude married to a chick.  We have 4 boys with a whole lot of testosterone in our house.  My life involves a lot of working on a computer as a UX Engineer, driving my boys to their practices and games, and moving my wife's decoration tubs in and out of the house.  With a lot of hammering nails into the sheetrock of my house.

I hope the things I say on this blog can help someone in some way.  I know having a place for my thoughts will help me to get them out and will help me understand myself a better.  Maybe some day it will help my boys and wife better understand me.  

I'm a dude and I'm sure I'll say something that doesn't make sense and offends someone.  If I do offend you, then please ratify your personal constitution to be more tolerant and allow for other opinions in your life.  Your safe space should not include me and mine shouldn't include you.  I'm sure I could understand this world better by understanding your perspective just as you could by understanding mine.  You don't have to agree with me, I can respect that.